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Seasons and Weather

Seasons and Weather

There are four seasons in a year. They are spring, summer, autumn,
winter. Every season is beautiful and pleasant in its own way.
Winter is the coldest season in the year. Summer is the hottest season.
Spring is warmer than winter, but colder than summer. Autumn is also
colder than summer, but its warmer than winter.
Every season is good in its own way. There is much snow in winter. In
spring we enjoy the green leaves and grass and the first flowers. The sun
shines brighter and the days become longer. Summer is the hottest season.
Autumn comes after summer. It brings rains and cold weather. The leaves
are red, green and yellow and they fall down from the trees.

Let’s think about….

• Which is the best season in your native town?
• Why do children like winter and summer best of all?

• Describe your favourite season.
• Describe your favourite weather.

The weather in England is very changeable. A fine morning can
change into a wet afternoon and evening. And a nasty morning can change
to a fine afternoon. That is why it is natural for the English to use the
comparison “as changeable as the weather” of a person who often changes
his opinion about something. The English often say: “Other countries
have climate, in England we have weather”.
The English also say that they have three variants of weather: when it
rains in the morning, when it rains in the afternoon or when it rains all
day long.
The weather is the favourite conversational topic in England. When
two Englishmen meet, their first words will be: “How do you do?” or
“How are you?” And after the reply: “Very well, thank you, how are
you?” the next remark to be about the weather.
The best time of the year in England is spring though it rains in spring
The two worst months in Britain are January and February. They are
cold, damp and unpleasant. The best place in the world then is at home by
the big fire.
Summer months are rather cool and there can be a lot of rainy days.
So most people who look forward to summer holidays plan to go abroad
for the summer. The most unpleasant aspect of English weather is fog and
smog, especially in London. Cars move along slowly. People cannot see
each other. They walk along the houses touching them with their hands
not to lose their way.

Լրացուցիչ առաջադրանքներ՝ տանը

Complete the diologue below
What is the weather like?
A. It’s often very sunny in my country.
B. We have a lot of sunshine in my country, too.
A. In winter it’s quite icy.
B. We have a lot of_________________

A. In the morning, it’s____________ and cold.
B. Yes, we have a lot of frost, too.
A. In autumn it’s often rainy.
B. We often have a lot of 
A. And sometimes it’s very _____________.

A. But it isn’t often foggy.
B. No, we don’t have much ______________.
A. Today, it’s just __
B. Yes, there are a lot of grey clouds in my country, too.

• Write a short story “My favourite season”

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